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Frequently asked questions What is IMS service on Android phone? IMS or IP Multimedia Service is basically a core network technology that powers the delivery of Vo, IP, Push-To-Talk, Push-To-View, and other multimedia services through an IP network. How do I examine IMS service state? To examine IMS service state on Android, dial.

This action is crucial due to the fact that the message "IMS Service Stopped" constantly prevents entries on the Samsung Galaxy. Run Smart, Manager service Now you can open the settings of the Samsung Galaxy and then tap "Device Maintenance" or "Smart Supervisor". This need to now find an app, which causes issues. Uninstall this app.

The "IMS service stopped" error should no longer appear on the display screen of the gadget. However if? Then maybe a Wipe cache partition will help. This works as follows. Clean Cache Partition Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Recommendations for the S8 (Bixby Button) We hope that our guide has assisted you repair the problem.

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ACTION 3: CLEAR THE CACHE AND DATA If the mistake message still appears even in safe mode, then none of your third-party apps is triggering the issue. More typically, when this problem happens and it's not a third-party app that triggered it, it's the Contacts app or the IMS service itself.

Tap Clear information button, then OK. The mistake must have vanished by now, however, if it still kept popping up, then the last step will look after it. ACTION 4: MASTER RESET If all else fails, there's no other option but to backup all your information and perform master reset to offer your phone a fresh start.

Turn off the gadget. When the phone vibrates, release the Power secret however continue to push and hold the Volume Up crucial and the House secret.

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Press the Volume down key a number of times crucial to highlight 'clean data/ factory reset.' Press Power button to select. Press the Volume down key till 'Yes delete all user information' is highlighted. Press Power button to choose and begin the master reset. When the master reset is complete, 'Reboot system now' is highlighted.

For the mistake "the IMS Service stopped" on your Android gadget, there are several solutions to avoid the annoying pop-up. Memory and Cache of the Service is empty The IMS Service makes sure that you can run over LTE calls.

If the message reveals up in a matter of seconds, you have a little persistence. Are you trying to find under the applications after the entry "IMS Service". Tap on it and after that select "empty the Cache" and "memory delete". You begin your Smartphone once again. IMS: Cache and memory cache IMS-Service or Voice, Over, LTE disable If you do not wish to necessarily in high quality by Voice, OVer, LTE call, you can disable the Service by: To do this, open the settings and after that the menu.

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If you can't discover this menu item, continue as in section 1, and tap "Disable". IMS: Service disable Samsung: With smart Manager Problem Apps, discover In the case of Samsung devices, you also have the alternative to discover the clever Supervisor is an App that may be causing the Issue.

Open the Android settings and tap on the "device upkeep" (clever Manager). The smart Supervisor discovers a faulty application, you should uninstall this App.

Last Resort: Factory Settings Attention: all the personal settings will be lost and you will need to set up your phone, then entirely new. In order for this procedure much faster, we show you the 5 best Android Backup Tools.

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You can repair/enable IMS service concern with the following steps: Boot Your Device In Safe Mode. Beginning the phone in safe mode can solve this concern because only pre-installed applications are allowed to run.