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Published Dec 20, 21
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Who has the best cell phone coverage in rural areas? Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T all have different benefits in rural areas. For 4G availability, Verizon comes top for their coverage, but AT&T has the fastest download speeds. T-Mobile comes in a close second for both 4G availability and download speeds in rural areas.

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This means that your choice of carrier comes down to other factors. Features, price, and plan options. With so many low cost carriers offering cheap cell phone plans, paying over $80 a month is no longer necessary. You can now get the same coverage at less than half the price.Bring your own phone to save even more and check user reviews before you sign up to get the best switching experience.

Finding that next great plan has never been easier. Rob has 15+ years experience in the US and UK running price comparison sites for cell phone plans, smartphone deals, TV, and internet. He loves thinking outside of the box to build tools that empower consumers to make more informed decisions..

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41% 5G coverage, 62% 4G LTE coverage Excellent 5G rollout 70% 4G LTE coverage, 11% 5G coverage Fantastic nationwide coverage 68% 4G LTE coverage, 18% 5G coverage Strong effort to bolster 5G network Regardless of whether you're switching carriers, moving to the other side of town, or migrating across the country, having strong cell phone reception is critical.

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Thankfully, we're here to help you discover the best cell phone coverage. We'll look at individual carrier coverage maps, analyze major carriers vs. smaller carriers, and more. Cell phone network coverage verizon cell phone coverage map Verizon boasts the best overall 4G LTE network, spanning over 70% of the country.

In the eastern part of the United States, Verizon delivers reliable coverage for both rural and urban residents. And in the Western U.S., rural areas may find Verizon's network a bit lacking. While its 4G network trounces AT&T and T-Mobile, Verizon's 5G coverage is somewhat lacking. With a mere 11% of country-wide coverage, Verizon's 5G network isn't as robust as its 4G LTE signals.

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Therefore, Verizon provides outstanding 5G speeds—where available. Use our and to view service in your area. AT&T cell phone coverage map AT&T has an incredibly reliable 4G LTE network, covering 68% of the U.S. It slides in close behind Verizon due to a concerted effort to roll out its 5G network.

There's also excellent service along the western seaboard, where AT&T has countless cell towers. With 18% 5G coverage, AT&T's 5G network isn't the widest, but it continues focusing on expanding its 5G territory. Look at our and to see coverage near you. T-Mobile cell phone coverage map While T-Mobile lags behind Verizon and AT&T with its 4G LTE network, the Un-carrier dominates with unparalleled 5G coverage.

However, with a 5G network blanketing 41% of the United States, T-Mobile trounces AT&T (18%) as well as Verizon (11%). Granted, T-Mobile opted for slower low-band 5G, which is only marginally faster than 4G LTE. Watch our "Best 5G Coverage in Each State!" video Subscribe to our You, Tube channel for more videos like this one! Learn about switching providers, scoring the best unlimited data deals, and more.

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In more rural areas, T-Mobile's cellular coverage can get a bit spotty. Still, covering over 60% of the country, it provides good service in most areas. Check out our and to see the Un-carrier's service in your location. best cell phone coverage When analyzing strong mobile signal strength, it's important to find the carrier with the best wireless coverage in your area.

MVNOs Selecting a cell phone plan typically conjures up images of the big three: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. However, plenty of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) offer excellent service with attractive savings. Generally, MVNOs should offer similar performance to their parent carriers. You might experience some de-prioritization during times of peak network traffic—at a football game or leaving a concert—which may cause service to be slower than usual.

MVNOs typically eschew contracts and give you great service without paying high carrier prices. For instance, Visible lets you sign up for a tremendous unlimited data plan on Verizon's network at a competitive monthly rate. Likewise, Mint Mobile provides plenty of savings with its T-Mobile-powered network and affordable unlimited plan.

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You can learn more about which networks different MVNOs operate on in our guide. How to check your cell phone coverage While coverage maps are helpful, you may still be wondering, "How do I find the best cell phone coverage in my area?" Luckily, we can help: Pop over to our cell phones home page and enter your location.